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Friday, November 4, 2022

Forest Recovery: A quote by Anastassia Makarieva


You see, there is a succession process for forest recovery. We first have shrub grasses after some disturbance like fire, then it takes time for that to be replaced by trees. So if we are lucky, our grand grandchildren will be walking in such a forest, so this dimension should also be stressed. We are working for the future we are not just securing for ourselves some two dozen years of better comfort. Rather, we send a message through centuries such that people will remember us, and walking into this forest along the brooks and rivers they will remember us with gratitude for our care and dedication.

Anastassia Makarieva  


  1. This was an excellent explanation of a critical process in weather-patterns on our living planet.
    I am now much better informed and more clear understand the biotic-ump process, not just as a consideration, but as the main driver of rainfall patterns on continents.
    The forest must be mature and varied to work at its best to draw moist air currents reliably from the oceans and seas.
    Grasslands cannot be competent to this task.
    Commercial forests will be erratically competent.

  2. It may be worth a hard look at the Miyawaki miniForest in this context. We're looking at this with Biodiversity for a Livable Climate (Bio4Climate.org) right now. There are hundreds of these around the planet and we're watching closely to see their success and impact.

  3. I appreciate the presentation.
    The succession of the forest can be accelerated by the application of properly made compost teas, provided water is available, so that regeneration might take place in less than a hundred years.
    Of course, this should not be used as an excuse for chopping our old forests, but for actual forest regeneration, as soon as possible, starting with abandoned rural areas.