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Tuesday, October 17, 2023

The Proud Holobionts Move to Substack


An interpretation by Dezgo.com of Gaia, Earth's Goddess.

"The Proud Holobionts" blog closes down at this address and moves to Substack at


There are a few reasons for this move; the main one is that the blog just didn't "catch" on blogger. After more than two years of publication, it remained at less than 100 contacts per day on average. I don't think that Google sabotaged it, as it did for my other blog, "The Seneca Effect," nevertheless, it remained stuck at these levels. 

Then, although I like the blogger platform, it is rather primitive in several respects, and Google doesn't seem to be interested in improving it. It seems to me that at Google they just don't like blogs. It may be because blogs require a certain degree of attention and reflection, nothing like the meaningless scrolling of micro-posts on social media. 

Substack is not perfect as a platform, but it is quick, well-organized, and I think its subscription-based method is the way of the future. And even though I wasn't promoting it on social media, the Substack version of "The Proud Holobionts" already had more contacts than the blogger one. So, from now on, the proud holobionts will congregate there, at least for a while. Then, we'll see where things will force us to take refuge. 

Holobionts 'r us! 

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